Via vittorio Emanuele, 10
12050 CASTELLINALDO (CN) - Piemonte - Italy
tel. +39 0173 21 33 44 - P.Iva: 01804000048

Baracco de Baracho


There is a barrel, in Baracco Cellar, that clearly quotes a date, 1871, year during which the wine-making activity started by the agency of great grand-father Giovanni, here in Piedmont, in the heart of Roero area. Baracco dynasty, in Castellinaldo, practically dates back to the XVth century, on the basis of the historical references traced in the first registers of the castle. Then Baracco corresponded to “Baracho”, term that mistakenly can seem Spanish; the family is actually of German origin, a family of warriors turned up on the hills of Roero following an unknown barbaric horde. So far the tradition goes on by tha agency of the two owners: Gabriella and Giuseppe. The steady target of their business is the quality improvement. The wines grown by the firm Baracco have a definite and ricognizable style; they are rich and persistent; white, with a characteristic of freshness and agreeableness and red, able to be successfully resistant. In short, a line of typical wines, able to appear on the national and international market meeting the competition of other great wines thanks to their first-class quality and elegance.